Join Our Team

Hello, due to our mission to cover most (if not all) of digital services on the next, we are looking for more freelancers to join our team at Olgade Tech Solutions. We’re not employing you but we just need to work together as soon as leverage our respective skills in order to give the best to our clients.

You can read more about us HERE, our Privacy Policy HERE, our Legal Agreement HERE and our contact page HERE.

Since you are interested in becoming one of our team members, please read about the Benefits, Requirements, Responsibility and How to join below:

Benefits of joining our team

  • As a team member at Olgade Tech Solutions, you will have access to get a private email of brand name… This is what I mean, if we noticed your persistent and how hardworking you are, we will help you brand your email (which is one of professional tools of a freelancer). If your name is John Joe, you will get an email as etc.
  • Apart from the branded email, you will be a contributor in our website. As a contributor, you can post any article of your choice as long as it doesn’t violate our privacy policy and it’s related to other contents. This can help you boost your portfolio because this website is becoming an authority with SEO and popularity.
  • If you are lucky to win a sponsored post or Ads placement, you will take 50% while 30% will be remitted for website maintenance and marketing, the 20% will be shared equally within other team members.
  • If we give you a job to do, you will be paid 85% of the money paid by the client while the remaining 15% will be remitted for website maintenance and marketing.
  • If you referred or win a project for the team, you will earn 25% as commission while the developer who do the work successfully will be 70% of the money while 5% will be remitted for website maintenance and marketing.
  • As a team member of Olgade Tech Solutions, you will have access to our customized vest which you can print out wherever you are in your country. This will create awareness about your career to people in your area and wherever you wear it to. This is optional.
  • As a team member of this company, you will be trained at least, once in a month about your field, how you can win more job for yourself and the team on Fiverr, Upwork, Truelancer and Social Media. We offer this as paid package but because you are a member of our team, you will be freely trained.
  • And lot more of benefits are attached.

Your Requirements

  • Your Name (First name and Last Name. A business name is accepted)
  • Short Bio about you
  • Your Email address
  • Your Skill(s)
  • Years of experience
  • Your Facebook and Linkedin username
  • Your Previous Work Samples (as much as possible but it must be your original work)
  • Must be able to communicate in English
  • Must have no scamming or fraud record.
  • A payoneer account. If you don’t have, CLICK HERE to create one for free!

Your Responsibility

  • Must be honest with the team
  • Must be able to co-operate with other team members
  • Must abide by rules and abstain from defaming us with any bad character
  • Should be able to attend any meeting or masterclass organized by the company
  • Winning enough jobs for yourself and the company
  • Branding…… You must be able to update your social media accounts that you are working at Olgade Tech Solutions, just search and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin
  • On any new blog posts, you should contribute to it by sharing it with your friends on social media.

NOTE: Legislation will be taken against any member who think or acted a rogue act. We need 100% co-operation from you. This is a team work, nobody is employing you or enslaving you.

I’m interested to join! What next?

If you are sure that you will abide with our legal agreement, rules and impositions, kindly send your requirements to through your business email.

You will be notified immediately you are accepted into the team.

Thanks for your interest in joining Olgade Tech Solutions as a respected freelancer and team member, we’re hoping to build an empire with you in this digital market.

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