About Us

You want to know about Olgade Digital Company?

Olgade Digital Company is one of the top digital development companies in Nigeria with team of experts specializing on different fields. We have been together serving and satisfying our clients by turning their “Paper dreams” to Absolute REALITY. As a digital development firm, we helps established or startup and individuals who are “coachable” to build a stunning and selling brand through our internet marketing team, targeted and organic traffic generation and effective CRM.

Our service includes:
• WordPress Development & Design
• eCommerce Website Development
• Mobile App development (including UI/UX)
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Content Creation / Marketing
• Social Media Promotion / Branding / Management
• PR Consulting
• Logo and Banner Design
• And Lot More…. Just Name What You Want on the Internet!


Why Olgade.com?
• Because our team comprises of experienced experts on different projects
• 24 Hours full support from Monday to Friday
• Accurate result
• 100% trustworthy
• You will be refund if you are not satisfied
• We are your friends!


Our Goal:
• To make digital development services available and affordable to all
• To eliminate digital development illiteracy
• To help startup meet success and Established companies keep increasing in sales
• To assists in making the world a global village
• Letting your product heard, seen and patronized. Etc.


What we hate:
• Cheating
• Defamation
• Pornographies
• Hard drugs
• Conflict or disagreement
• Disappointment
• Disrespect
• Anything illegal and against our conscience.


How Much Do We Charge?
Good question but we are sorry, we don’t have a static price for all products or services. Kindly send us a proposal of what you need by clicking here to contact us.

We wish to work with you on that project ringing on your mind. Let start NOW!